Challenging Insurance Companies to Get the Results You Deserve

A Cincinnati auto accident which is the result of another driver’s negligence can be devastating. Catastrophic injury or death can dramatically alter the lives of the victim and his or her family. Protracted and painful treatment, often including surgeries are required. And since most serious auto injuries are long-lasting or permanent, the medical bills and lost wages can bankrupt a family.

You are not alone. I have been representing injured people for nearly 30 years, and am here to help you too. My clients, just like you, have had their lives compromised, destroyed or ended by accidents. Their injuries have been the result of car, truck, bus, motorcycle, train, moped and scooter accidents, as well as bicycle and pedestrian knock-downs.

My goal is to challenge those insurance companies that refuse to reasonably compensate. I will work towards a settlement. But if that is not possible then a hearing or trial may be required. Credible attorneys do not practice law on their knees.

I will sit down with you and provide a free consultation to discuss the medical and legal dimensions of your circumstances. Once we’ve assessed the situation, together we’ll review all options, so a plan for full recovery can begin.