Representing the Injured in Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio for the Last 30 Years

Whether you’ve sustained a temporary or permanent injury as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, you have the right to experienced legal counsel to help you process your claim.

Dealing with the aftershocks of an accident, of any variety, can completely consume the time and vitality of an entire family. With nearly three decades of experience in personal injury, I will work with you to help preserve your right to justice and the full compensation you deserve for your loss and suffering.

By challenging insurance companies that refuse to reasonably compensate, my goal is to provide you with results so that you can start living normally again.

I will provide you with a free one-on-one consultation to discuss the medical and legal dimensions of your circumstances. And once we’ve reviewed the situation, together we’ll determine all your options, so that a plan for full recovery can begin.