Families on The Ropes

Each family is a system. Although this is a somewhat mechanistic view, it’s valid. Some family systems are functional and some are not. And it all varies largely by degree. Each member is an interlocking and vital presence in that collection of people we call ‘family.’

But when a family member is seriously hurt in an accident, the whole family is affected. And that includes families where there was little emotional intimacy even before the devastating event.
Personal injury lawyers don’t represent just individuals. They go about their work with all the people who lives circle that of the injured party, every day. The human context of family – at its best a valued support system – is crucial when a terrible card has been dealt.

In the most tragic situations, the spouse assumes the role of a LPN. This is when hour-by-hour care is required; the demands are overwhelming. Pills to be counted and timed, therapeutic walks to accompany, lifting the loved one in and out of bed – the list goes on.

Blessed are those who have the hand of kindness waiting for them at every turn, while their bodies and minds recover. At its family-best, there’s no place like home.