Motor vehicle injuries disrupt and even ruin lives

Once the immediate, shocking reality of a collision begins to be recognized, the victim and their family members come to grips with the losses that have been sustained. Painful injuries, health compromise, lost time from work, total disruption of family life, numerous appointments with doctors and therapists, and property loss represent just the beginning.

The ordeal is real.  What the legal system can do is to partially replace the pain and suffering with money. It is a poor substitute for tragedy, but it is what our American system can offer.

The Roadways of Southwestern Ohio

Cincinnati and the southwestern Ohio area offer many different varieties of driving experience. Our roads include major highways such as I-75, I-71, I-275 and I-74. There are heavily-travelled roads such as Glenway, Montgomery, Reading, and Dixie Highway. Busy and complex intersections are a source of numerous wrecks. Hilly roads with curves in less populated areas – those ringing the congested suburbs – are also fraught with hidden danger.

Driving anywhere around the counties of Hamilton, Warren, Clermont and Butler can be hazardous for a number of reasons. A major one is the many different types of vehicles sharing the same roadways at the same time. Studies have underscored that significant risk factors arise when trucks and cars, or motorcycle and cars, are operated in close proximity to one another.

While the majority of collisions are relatively minor, sometimes they result in life-altering injuries. We handle injury claims primarily resulting from vehicle collisions. The entire spectrum of injuries has been represented by our office. These claims and lawsuits have been argued in various forums including mediation, arbitration and trial. Many of these matters settle.

What is essential is that our clients’ damages be properly compensated, so that a fair measure of justice is obtained.

The Most Common Driver Mistakes

Most of the really serious wrecks in the Cincinnati-area take place because the negligent driver has:

  • Driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driven at an excessive speed
  • Disregarded a red light of stop sign
  • Failed to stop in time while approaching other cars
  • Failed to yield
  • Failed to account for weather-related factors (sun-blindness or slick, icy roads)
  • Failed to stay on their side of the road, especially in a turn
  • Failed to drive more carefully in a construction zone

If these common behavioral failures were completely eradicated, our streets and highways would be very safe. But the reality is that the reckless will continue to keep starting their cars and pulling out on to our roadways, coming our way.

If there is anything that car accident injury lawyers know, it’s that most of the worst wrecks usually are caused by the most irresponsible people. Those who are routinely careless in their own daily affairs are mainly the ones who cause the worst injuries. It is true that bad things happen to good people.

Challenging Insurance Companies to Win Fair Results

A Cincinnati-area auto accident which is the result of another driver’s negligence can be devastating for months or years. Catastrophic injury or death changes everything. Most serious auto injuries are long-lasting or permanent, and medical bills and lost wages can bankrupt a family.

This is what you are confronted with:

  • Hospital and physician bills
  • Surgical bills
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Medical equipment costs
  • Medication costs
  • Great physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Family life disruption in the extreme
  • Lost wages
  • Property loss
  • Many other losses

You are not alone. We have been representing injured people for over 30 years, and we are here to help you too. Our clients, just like you, have had their lives compromised, destroyed and even ended by accidents. Their injuries have been the result of many different varieties of accidents.

Our goal is to challenge those insurance companies which refuse to reasonably compensate. We will work towards settlement. If that is not possible then a hearing or trial may be required. Credible attorneys do not practice law on their knees.

We will sit down with you and provide a free consultation to discuss the medical and legal dimensions of your circumstances. Once we’ve assessed the situation, together we will review all options so a plan for genuine recovery can begin.

The claims ordeal is a labyrinth. We can guide you through the compensation process and get you the results you deserve.

Road Rage Continues to Lurk As a Driving Hazard

The number of cars and drivers on the road continually rises, even in suburban and semi-rural areas. Social theorists believe this may be contributing to the unfortunate trend of road rage, which only recently has slightly leveled off. Perhaps the public awareness messages over the past decade has helped to curb this difficult problem, which is more criminal in nature than traffic.

Thousands of people have been seriously injured or killed each year as a result of road rage. A Gallup poll revealed that more Americans are worried about road rage than about drunk driving. Aggressive, even violent driving, is a cause of many serious wrecks. What is behind this often seems to be an exaggerated sense of time urgency. Coupled with basic anger, drivers act out in ways that far exceed a mere lack of consideration.

The problem extends to innocent drivers and pedestrians who happen to be in the area of drivers involved in what can be thought of as a car fight.

Compensation for Emotional Distress

In the aftermath of a significant accident, there is plenty of time to contemplate exactly what went wrong. The victims must process a tangle of negative emotions. Central to this is the clarifying realization that the collision did not have to take place at all. The other driver, who caused the wreck, could have avoided it had they been exercising even a reasonable amount of common sense and awareness.

In our claim presentations, we emphasize the emotional pain created by a substantial vehicle collision. Representation, to be complete, must establish not only the physical pain caused but the emotional suffering and life chaos as well. Depression and anger may be key components in a well-rounded personal injury claim.

This is true not only for the individual victim, but also for those family members who care for them.